Using a Travel Advisor is More Important Than Ever – Here are the Reasons Why!

Whether you are a seasoned world traveler or starting to explore outside of your usual travel comfort zone, using a Travel Advisor is a must!  Even if you have never used a Travel Advisor before, navigating travel in a post COVID world is going to be a new experience for all travelers, seasoned or not. Everything from airlines to public transportation, to hotels, will be different in the future than it was before 2020, and we are here to help.

If you are considering using a Travel Advisor for your post-2020 travels, read on to see how we are here for you and ready to plan your best trips yet.

  • First and foremost – we are experts!

While many people are travel experts, for us, it is quite literally our job. We take being experts very seriously and spend hours on research, networking, and coordinating to ensure you have the highest quality experience. 

But not only do we take it very seriously, we absolutely love it. Becoming an expert in travel is our passion, and nothing excites us more than sharing it with our clients so they can experience it firsthand.

For example, Paris has almost 45,000 restaurants to choose from and navigating that many options can be overwhelming and lead to a hasty choice that may or may not be wonderful. Out of that 45,000, I can narrow down to five restaurants that fit your food preferences, proximity to where you are staying, price point, preferred ambiance, and even dish recommendations. This way you can enjoy your days exploring Paris knowing a good meal is on the horizon, without worrying about every decision along the way.

  • We are here for you, really. 

We work not only as your planner and advisor during your trip, but as your advocate. Wherever you are on your trip, we are in touch with someone on the ground to make sure you are having the best and safest experience possible. Knowing a “silent protector” is there with you every step of the way can give you the peace of mind you deserve to enjoy when you are traveling and provide you a seamless experience. 

When we do need to step in as your advocate, we take the full reigns. At the beginning of the COVID-19 cancellations, those who had travel agents and had to adjust their trip only had to make one call: to us! We were there to call each airline, cruise line, hotel, and even restaurants to take care of all your cancellations, refunds, or rebookings. We also ensure you get the absolute best refund or deal due to unforeseen cancellations. 

  • We can get you VIP’d and upgrades!

Working as a Travel Advisor such as myself  means having access to some incredible perks and partnerships with wonderful properties. So while you could book with a resort directly, I could get you the same price of a room (or better!) with an upgrade, a view, breakfast for two an amenity, potentially food and beverage or spa credits, and the knowledge that the resort team has been notified of your arrival as a VIP.. 

Many properties offer even more upgrades and amenities for Virtuoso agents, with which I am proud to be affiliated. Not only do you know you will have the luxury experience Virtuoso promises, but you will also be able to enjoy hundreds of dollars in benefits during your stays.

  • We are ready for post-COVID traveling.

While the world of travel has been on pause and the thought of even hopping on a plane seems distant, we have been in touch with our travel partners all around the world. The fabulous properties and vendors I recommend have continuously updated me on their safety protocols, new standards, and adjusted experiences that they have created due to COVID-19. 

Exploring this new world of traveling may seem intimidating and overwhelming, and that is what we have spent the past months preparing for. We are keeping an eye on which countries are open, CDC travel advisories, and putting together safety tips for when you are ready to travel again. We have spent all year thinking about COVID-19, when it comes to your travels, let us take that thought out of your mind.

Choosing to use a Travel Advisor is the best way to assure your future travels are safe, wonderful, and the best deal available. Let me plan your next trip and show you the convenience, peace of mind, and fantastic upgrades that are waiting for you. 



Jodi Bushkin